Aroostook Technologies Email Accounts


With the growing number of free email service providers, we at Aroostook Technologies will be discontinuing our email servers for all and accounts. While there is no need for immediate concern, we are just getting the message out to all of our email clients in a timely fashion so that you can start the process of creating a new free email account. There are several free sites such as, and to which you can create an email account. Once a new email account has been created and or if you already have an alternative email account, please let us know what that email address is so we can then forward all email coming into your or account to your new email address. We will be forwarding all email to your new email account so that you still receive any and all emails sent to your or account. We will continue to forward all emails to your new email account until March 28th 2017. At that time your old email account will no longer be valid and you should be receiving all emails at your new email address. 

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